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    Adjustment Brush in Lightroom 5 has a different sized effect smaller than the brush size




      When using Lightroom 5 Adjustment brush, the effect is only in the inner half of the brush size circle. In other words, if you select a 1 inch brush to darken, only about the center 1/2 inch is being darkened. I'm 100 percent sure the brush has no feathering, and all the settings are fine. An expert told me to try to get rid of preferences, and try it, and it still does the same thing. Now, I just updated to LR 5.7 hoping maybe it will fix it, to no avail. The LR on my laptop behaves perfectly fine.


      Attached is a screen shot and a phone shot (excuse the moire, I had to use a phone to show the brush size properly) to show settings and the effect I'm talking about, so it's perfectly clear.


      I have been putting up with this for months, but it's driving me crazy. Also, it occurred to me that all adjustments I make might 'change' later when I fix it, and it might show up unknown to me when I export the files later. And this would waste hundreds of hours of work if something resets somehow.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?


      Thanks in advance for all replies!Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 23.45.16 .png20141124_233902.jpeg