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    Package batch renaming and relinking duplicates

    Sachinji Level 1

      A plug-in/script available for InDesign to package some folders indd files into one folder with .indd, .pdf, .idml, links and fonts in folder, if images are duplicated between documents, rename with suffix "_1, _2, ....

      I need it to rename and relink files with random names to add suffix "_1, _2, _n number"  images are in .eps, .pdf, .psd, .jpg, etc. Names such as:


      design.tif      design_1.tif  

      design.eps    design_1.eps

      abcd.psd   adcd_1.psd

      abcd.psd   adcd_2.psd  

      abcd.psd   adcd_3.psd

      abcd.psd   adcd_4.psd

      design20.tif      design20_1.tif  

      design_14.eps    design_14_1.eps

      abcd.pdf   adcd_1.pdf

      abcd.jpg   adcd_2.jpg  


      Manually update links in InDesign, which is extremely time taking. I have found many scripts, but those are either keeping only one link when a package or changing one by one in each indesign documents and than package as usual.


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.