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    Application Variables in application.cfm and asp

      If anyone could provide some insight into using application variables declared in application.cfm, but retrieved in asp code, it would be appreciated.

      GOAL: Retrieve values into an asp page from application variables in application.cfm.

      PROCESS: Defined the variables in application.cfm. On an asp page, defined the application variable in Window -> Bindings. The application variables defined in the source code show up. Attempt to retrieve the application variable in the asp page by using the command: var_destination = Application("var_name")

      It seems like whatever I try, the variable is empty. After looking around on the web, I also saw that the equivalent to application.cfm in asp is global.asa. I also tried setting up this file, along with the variables, did the binding, and used the same commands, and also was not able to retrieve any application variables.

      What am I missing?
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          What am I missing?

          That ColdFusion and ASP.NET are different applications and do not share
          the same memory addresses So they are going to each have their one
          "application" variables.

          Blue Dragon has implemented CFML as an ASP.NET language so that one
          could write ColdFusion that runs on the ASP.NET framework and would then
          use the same memory locations with their server.

          Otherwise you are going to have to write your own sharing tool. Some
          code that can read the desired variables from one code base and pass it
          to the other code base through forms, web services or some other manner.