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    Color Separation Performance Problems


      Hello Everybody,


      I am using a pc

      win 8, X64 , 16 gb ram , i-7 2600

      i have a 250 gb SSD


      My Photoshop Version is CC 14 X64

      My performance settings are :

      Memory usage : 8951

      History states : 77

      Cache levels : 4

      Cache tile : 1024


      Scratch disks :

      C : 170 gb

      E : 240 gb


      I am making color separation using 20-25 channels.

      Runing adobe bridge and photoshop together almost all time

      I am having memory problems.

      My pc warns me that"  there is almost no available ram / disk space . Close all programs "

      So if my web browser is open meanwhile, it shuts down unexpectadly.


      Is there anything i can fix by changing photoshop settings ?

      Except reducing history as i need that.


      Thank you very much