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    Very poor performance while syncing to mobile


      I am experiencing very poor performance in the develop module in Lightroom 5.7 (it was the same with 5.6) during SYNC with Lightroom mobile. I have af Macbook pro unibody late 2008 with 8gb  ram and latest Yosemite installed. If I turn off sync it and restart it works normally. Any chance there is a function to pause sync? Or to sync only after edits are done (like manually saving xmps vs automatically saving them)?

      The problem is that as soon as I touch a slider on a synced photo it triggers syncing, and it retriggers it every time I do any single modification to the file, this really hogs up the system. It would be much better to sync after all edits are applied and say you move to the next photo, or just sync manually at the end of the editing session by hitting a shortcut...