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    Dynamic Link Blending Modes

    Nuno Caroco Level 1

      Hello Premiere Pro´s


      Is there a way where an After Effects Dynamic Linked comp imported into Premiere Pro can preserve its blending modes to the outside layers in a sequence?

      A little like the logic of the continuously rasterize option that exists in After Effects.

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          jojejo Level 2

          No. The blending modes inside your comp do not interact with your footage in the premiere timeline. You can only use the blending modes for the linked comp in the premiere timeline. but I think thats not that you are looking after. The easiest way is to copy also your bg footage to ae.

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            Nuno Caroco Level 1

            That´s what i was suspecting, but that feature would be a great add. ( Plus solving another workflow issue i´m having also with dinamic lynk. )


            My feature is very heavy on the use of dynamic linking. And in this case i have a Premiere sequence "edit" that i would like to be imported into AFX via dinamic link - then compose FX on top and then re-import that AFX Comp into the same Premiere Project into a "final" sequence. But this workflow gives me loop redundancy problem that makes Premiere dont update its dynamic linking, unless i close and open the app.

            So my second try was importing the "effects ae comp" into premiere and hope there could be some workaround where the blending modes could pass into dinamic link, like the logic of the continuously rasterize option.

            But thanks for the reply and help, Jo.


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              David Švehla

              I am not happy that this feature still isnt implemeted in Premiere Pro / After Effects (now version CC 2017). I have timeline in Premiere with lot of footafe and I want to add animated titles to some of of the footage from AE with blend modes on some layers. Sending the footage to AE isnt good for me because I have color correction layer above it and everytime I will do some change in color correction I need to edit this in AE link comps. That is very time consuming Also if this feature works I can import only one title from AE to PP and edit only the text in titles in PP. Please Adobe, try to add blendig modes from AE to PP. Thanks.

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                doctorsney Level 1

                Hi there,


                I have the same issue. And I understand this may just be mind bogglingly difficult to solve for Adobe (hey i can't write software, I'm amazed any of this stuff works....)


                But it would be super useful to have some kind of passthrough. Yes I can normally copy the bg video layer to my ae comp, but it's TIME CONSUMING. I have a 45 minute show, with a LOT of graphical overlays that some photoshop wizard designed for me using blending modes.


                It looks cool, but doesn't work with my dynamic linked workflow, as the bottom layer is currently a 4K greenscreen shot that's 45 minutes long and is going to take the rest of the day to render, so this isn't available to drop into my AE comp till tomorrow and I'm on a different job tomorrow, so while you can argue I should change my workflow or go for a different look, why don't you try explaining that to my client who is already behind the curve with deliverables for his client.


                This would be super cool Mr.Adobe, please try make it happen.

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                  A workaround for this issue is to gather all content with similar blending modes together in their own comp and dynamically link them separately in Premiere. Then set the blending modes of each link to the matching blending mode inside Premiere. This is probably more of a PITA if you've got a ton of layers all with different modes, but is a viable option for simple cases.