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    Premiere CC somehow erased all the in/out points for all project subclips


      I've been editing a project for over a couple of weeks now, and the first thing I did was go through all of the raw footage (a lot of it was interview footage) and make subclips out them for the 'beats'/segments and to separate the b-roll footage in long files. This worked great, and I almost completely had the project edited in the sequence and was down to little tweaks to clean it up when I opened the project today and wanted to go back and add a subclip I hadn't used. I clicked on the subclip to open it in the Source viewer, and the source file opened without the in/out markers. Just the subclip source. No subclip.


      I started clicking through all of the others too. Hundreds of subclips, some used in the sequence, some not - all suddenly stripped of all in/out data. All of them merely referenced the entire, long source clips.


      How in the hell is this even possible? That's at least a couple days worth of logging work just GONE.


      I'm using fully updated versions of CC apps, as well as the Mac OS on a 2011 MacBook Pro and editing off a LaCie Rugged Drive.