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    Dragging from imported library to timeline triggers autosave and hanging




      I am running AE CC on a Macbook Air (2013, 13"; Yosemite)) and it runs perfectly fine for almost exactly 25 minutes from a cold boot. However, after 25 minutes, dragging any files along the composition timeline, to and from the timeline etc. will trigger the project to save (creating a duplicate project e.g. Project.aep gets saved as Project_1.aep) and then the program will hang right afterward. This will be fixed when I Force Quit AE, and cold boot it again after which I will get another 25 minutes to work on my project.


      I have disabled auto-save, cleared the media cache, closed all other running programs etc. I've even had to (for other reasons) completely format my harddrive and re-install everything from scratch – still didn't fix the problem.


      This is very curious...anyone have any suggestions? I notice that this didn't happen with this project file until it got much larger and more complex in its composition (lots of tracks, files, media etc.), which is why the first 40 hours of work or so on it went without a hitch, but then afterward it got to be this nightmare.