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    I cannot move page items on my ID Page

    Roy Marshall Level 1

      Hi All.


      This recently has started happening. I am using ID CC2014, on a Mac, 10 X 10.10.1, on a MacBook Pro Late 2013 model.

      When I place an item on a page, or even open up an existing document, I cannot move the page items on the page. I can select them, and drag the handles, but cannot move the elements!!

      I have zapped my ID Prefs, with no change. The only thing that does help temporallily is a complete system restart. Then it starts working again, but will break again within an hour or so.

      I am thinking I may need to delete, and re-install, but before I do, was wondering if anyone has any clues?

      Here is a G+ post with a quick video link.


      #InDesign  Cannot click and drag a page item. I can click on the handles and…


      Thanks in advance.