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    Why are there no transparencies being supported for this image?

    bleduc1 Level 1

      I'm not sure whether this is a Photoshop or After Effects issue, but here's my problem. A file edited in Photoshop is not showing correctly in After Effects. This is the original file saved in Photoshop as a PNG.


      Photoshop 2.png


      When I bring it into After Effects, there is this funky background that should be transparent.


      Photoshop 3.png


      I also brought it into InDesign to see if the result is the same, and it's not.


      Photoshop 4.png


      Also, this might be related to the issue somehow. Just two days ago, the thumbnails to my PSD files suddenly stopped displaying the same. They usually have a thumbnail saying PSD on them. (The ones labeled Background are the PSD files.)


      Photoshop 1.png


      How do I fix all of this?