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    Merged help problems with Robo 6

    Robert-CNC Software
      Hi all, we're having a devil of a time trying to get our merged help system migrated from Robo 2002 to Robo6. We have a very large help system with 23 merged projects, but I've stripped it down to a very simple test with a single small project with only a handful of topics, and a master project with only a single topic of its own, and I still can't get it to work.

      Basically, when I open the merged help system from the topic in the master project, everything looks fine. This includes double-clicking the master chm directly, or from within our application using a help link that goes to its topic. When I open the help system from a the client project -- either by double-clicking it, or by clicking a help button that calls one of its topics -- the client TOC is pushed down a level, and links back to the master don't work. I created a quickie web page with screen captures of my projects and what I'm seeing: