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    Photoshop CC 2014 won't print to 11 x 17


      Mac OS x 10.9.5, Adobe CC 2014 all updates applied.


      I have a few user's who's systems will not print to 11x17 from Photoshop. Everything in the print settings are correct but the printer spits out 8.5x11 with the image cropped. This seems like a bad print driver but here's the strange part, all other applications, even Adobe ones, don't experience this problem. Only Photoshop. To add to the strangeness, if I log into the problem systems with a different account Photoshop prints as expected. So I know its something corrupted in the user account but I can't figure what.


      I know someone is going to say this is a bad print driver and I would agree if I weren't able to print from a different account and if this were a universal problem on all my systems (around 60), but its just happening on a few.


      Has anyone else experienced something like this?

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          JoeLib Level 3

          So what is your actual version of Photoshop ?    Photoshop CC (2014 ?????


          I don't know much about Macs but is sounds like the failing users have permission problems.


          Can those users print 11 x 17 from a different version of Photoshop.  CS5, CS6


          Did the problem start with OS 10.9.5 update    or  the last Photoshop update?    I have no problem printing 11x17 with OS 10.9.4 and PSCC (201402.1)

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            Jonno the fusspot

            Did you figure it out?


            I have the same problem, so I saves as PDF and print from either Preview or Adobe Reader which both work fine (suggesting that Photoshop is the issue).


            NB, the fault occurs on both CC and CC 2014.


            Can't seem to find any info on the fix or work-around so any help would be appreciated.