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    array of movie loaders/array of image files

      Alright. I'm fairly new to Actionscripting, so if we can somewhat lame out the tech talk to mild to medium I'd appreciate it. what I am trying to do is create an swf movie that will interact with a PHP script. first lets start with saying the PHP script reads the directory that it is currently in and filters out any file that is not a GIF,PNG, or JPG and then it suffes all of this into a URL encoded string and the directory path ,such as :


      now i have flash load the variables "pictures" and split the images and stuff those into an array and the directory path of course stays in its own seperate variable. ive gotten this far with no problems.

      so what im trying to do now with this info is create a bit of a slide show. I want to take the array of pictures and load those into an empty movie clip displaying each picture consecutively. Ive made several attempts but no such luck. Ive tried to use a for() loop to cycle through the array of pictures loading them into the empty clip. im still very new and rather lost with these objects and class use i. Im sure im probably not using a listener of somesort that i need and what not. I am sorry i am probably not giving enough info for all this. the whole idea of this clip is to be able to display an indefinite amount pictures , so the flash player will not know ahead of time how many pictures till the php script has sent all the names of what is in the directory. this movie needs to be able to dynamically load any images that are in that directory.so any suggestions on what i can do with an array an an empty clip? thank you to anyone who can make suggesions.