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    Indesign CC2014 crashes after windows 8.1 update


      Hello Everyone!


      We have 4 cases of this right now.


      Indesign starts up okay. While the users are editing files, they will sporadically get a crash message saying "The network connection was lost to the file [filepath] or the file was modified by another process". The users are editing the Indesign files off of a file share. We have moved the file share between servers and the problem still persists.


      Before the 8.1 update when the computers were on just Windows 8, it never crashed.


      When the first PC installed the 8.1 update, before I knew it was 8.1 that caused the problems, I went through a bunch of stuff to try and isolate the problem.


      -Driver updates

      -Reset Indesign preferences

      -Run Indesign as Administrator

      -New user profile

      -Reinstall indesign

      -Reinstall CC & indesign

      -New install of Windows 8.1 & CC & Indesign

      -Extensive testing on the network switches

      -Settings on the files shares

      -Moving the share between servers.


      The issue started to spread among the computers and we realized that the windows 8.1 update was causing the crashes. We currently have 4 computers that were 100% fine before the windows 8.1 update and now are crashing 3 - 4 times a day while editing files. The same error message.


      I have read that Windows 8.1 should be compatible with InDesign CC 2014 and am at a loss for what could be happening.


      Has anyone else experienced this?


      Thanks in advance!