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    Impossible to test or debug on iPad application

    Alesclandre Level 1



      I'm trying to test my AS3 application done in Flash CC pro 2014 v14.1.0.96 with the command menu "test on the USB Device" or "debug on USB device", but it always says that my device are not connected ! (although of course they are)

      It worked one week ago, and now, it works as it wants.

      It seems like a recent update has changed some things. I had to come back to XCode 5 to have the ios simulator. I wanted to go back to an earlier version of Flash, but it seems now impossible !

      The console log says at one time "Adobe Flash CC 2014: Failed to open file", and it stops trying to execute the debugger.

      The strange thing also is that the debug environment doesn't open neither.


      Do you have any idea to make it work ?