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    Photoshop CC Darkens Picture When Editing from Lightroom

    FSchleyhahn Level 1

      After processing a RAW (DNG) image in Lightroom to my liking, if I right-click on it and select Edit in ->  Edit in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014..., when it opens in Photoshop, it doesn't look like it did when I finished it in Lightroom.  The colors are darker than how they were when I finished processing it in Adobe Lightroom.  Even the exposure tends to be darker.  I want to use the Cloning Stamp Tool and Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop (it does a better job than the spot removal tool in LR), but I cannot figure out why simply "opening" the same processed DNG file in Photoshop darkens everything.  When I edit a DNG in Photoshop and save it, it defaults to saving it as a TIF file and then it immediately shows up in my collection set back in LR.  Is that the way it should work?  Any advice is appreciated with this issue.  Thank you