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    Merged Help page link problems

      I have created a master .chm file and merged a number of further .chm's into it.

      The problem I have is when opening the compiled help (master), using the browse sequence drop down list and selecting an area from one of the .chm's merged into the master.

      The browse sequences are displayed, as are all the topics within the browse sequence, however if I click a link within the displayed topic, that should open another topic in a new window, it opens the new window but cannot find the contents.

      If however I navigate to the same topic from the TOC, then click the link to open the new topic in the new window, it works.

      When you click from the TOC it seems your are actually launching from within the merged .chm, however when you use the browse sequence you appear to be still in the master .chm, thus cannot find the linked topic.

      Is there a way to resolve this?

      Many Thanks