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    Project Manager Transcoded File Name Extensions

    Jamie LeJeune Level 1

      Anywhere out there know how to prevent the Premiere Pro CC 2014 Project Manager from including the original file extension in the filename of the transcoded file before the new extension?


      For example, if I media manage a project containing Go Pro clips to ProRes for easier editing in another app, a file that was originally GOPRO0023.MP4 now becomes GOPRO0023.MP4.MOV 


      The problem makes the media manager completely unusable for my workflow.  The only half-assed work around that I can find is outputting an xml, opening that up in FCP7 and using it's actually functioning media manager.  Though this breaks down if the sequence contains clips that FCP7 can't read.  Davinci Resolve would be an alternative, but it can't handle the audio from GoPro or the A7s. 


      Or, if I try to stay within Premiere, I could rename and relink each clip by hand.  Ugh. 


      Anyway have a better solution in Premiere Pro for this?