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    audio echo cancellation not working over rtmp

    kenmckaba2 Level 1

      I'm doing a audio conferencing app, using RTMP to our server (freeswitch) and getting a bad echo from anyone using speakers & mic- headsets don't cause the echo.  I've also tried 3rd party audio chat apps and they have echo too.


      I'm using getEnhancedMicrophone() and have played with all the Microphone & MicrophoneEnhancedOptions I can find.  I followed this article carefully: Best practices for acoustic echo cancellation in Flash Player | Adobe Developer Connection


      Does echo cancellation work over RTMP or only over RTMFP?


      Here's code I use to connect to send and receive our server's stream:


      netConnection = new NetConnection();


      incomingNetStream = new NetStream(netConnection);
      incomingNetStream.client = this;
      incomingNetStream.bufferTime = 0.2;


      outgoingNetStream = new NetStream(netConnection);
      outgoingNetStream.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, netStatus);
      outgoingNetStream.addEventListener(AsyncErrorEvent.ASYNC_ERROR, asyncErrorHandler);

      outgoingNetStream.bufferTime = 0;

      outgoingNetStream.publish("publish", "live");


      Is anyone successfully using RTMP with echo cancellation?  Can you send a link so I can try it?


      Any other ideas?