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    Adobe InDesign, Text Colour and Graphic Overlay


      Greetings everyone!

      I am using Adobe InDesign to construct a portfolio and I am having a few small issues with my cover of the portfolio. I have integrated several graphics that are JPEG images into the cover and I added some transparency onto them. I am not sure how I can make it so that the text box is over the graphic. I am unable to press the text frame and instead, it seems like the frame for the graphic only ever appears as seen here in the top portion of my cover.

      Screenshot (36).png

      I am not sure how I can get the text frames to show here. What is weird is that I can physically put the text over the graphic by moving the graphic but still the text frames do not appear. This is related, I think, to my other issue in that the graphics appear to change the colour of my text somewhat when the text frame intersects the graphic. It is not very noticeable but you can see it better in the photo below. Above, what is really strange is how my name is black (Michal Laszczuk) while the word portfolio is grey(affected by the white background?) though it should be the same colour since the white background intersects both words. If I am working from the premise regarding the colour alteration due to the graphic, then the colour should be faded for both "Michal Laszczuk" and "Portfolio". Does anyone know what is up here?


      Screenshot (37).png

      On a side note, Im not sure why the graphics appear pixelated when not viewed in overprint preview.

      As seen above, I am assuming that the text gets faded since the background colour of the graphic is white as seen below.



      Does anyone know a way to eliminate this fading effect? I thought that if I put the text over the graphic, the colour of the text would not be impacted.This is clearly not the case as seen below. It seems like the darker elements of the graphic make the text darker while the white background fades the text.


      Screenshot (38).png


      It is a subtle difference but it is noticeable when you look at the screen long enough. Does this have to do with the transparency effect that I introduced to the graphic or is it the nature of the jpeg graphic? It seems like the white background and colour of the graphic affect the text. Is there an easy way to make it so that the text is not affected? I would be happy to clarify anything or give more detail if this situation appears too confusing.


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          tman69 Level 3

          in your first screenshot--the text is inside the graphic frame--so any transparent effects are being applied to the text.


          1. with the text tool--drag and select the text--then copy--then cut (text should disappear)

          2.go to your layers pallette and 'lock' the layer with the graphics on it

          3. create a new layer and make sure to drag it above the graphics layer

          4. select the new layer--go to 'edit'>paste in place (the text will now be on it's own layer and in it's own frame).

          5. with the text tool--select the text--then look at the transparency pallette--select 'normal'--you should now be free of any transparent effects on the text

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            Migintosh Level 4

            tman69, I think that might not work exactly as you hope. If you select and copy text, it won't paste-in-place in the same location as an object (like a frame that contains text) would. What might work is to paste the text into it's own frame and then position it on a new layer, using the existing text as a placement guide. Then, delete the text from the graphic layer.

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              tman69 Level 3

              I don't 'hope' for anything...the OP doesn't seem to understand 'frames'--am just trying to walk someone thru the process of moving text to another layer.

              It also appears that a common mistake was made that allowed transparency settings to be applied to all elements.


              my explanation/solution will get the OP partially where they need to be and they might realize the error that was made and actually learn how to use the program



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                Mishoo Level 1

                Hello tman69 and Migintosh!

                My apologies for not getting back sooner, I was caught up with some scholarship applications but now I can happily return to my portfolio

                Thank you very much for your help! I am quite new to InDesign, I only started using it three months ago, and so I am unaware of many small mistakes even though I took some tutorials. I am going to read over your tips step by step and see what difference this will make. I will let you know my progress soon!