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    What is the cleanest Lightroom > Dropbox backup setup?

    alexfregonspecsavers Level 1

      I have a 1TB Dropbox account and want to use it to backup my photos. As Lightroom 5 simply references the image files, I've got them saved inside a 'Pictures' folder, by date taken, inside my Dropbox folder, so all images are (slowly) being uploaded to the cloud. I also have my Lightroom catalogue and previews files saved in the same location. And I have Lightroom set to automatically import photos taken on my iPhone from the Dropbox 'Camera Uploads' folder, and save them into my library. I thought I had all my bases covered.


      The problem is, even with a cable internet connection, it is taking forever for everything to upload. And I'm not completely sure, but it seems to be prioritising uploading the Lightroom previews ahead of the actual image files in the library. And the fact that it's uploading both the original photos and the previews makes me wonder if I should have the Lightroom files saved outside of my Dropbox folder.


      Can anyone suggest a Lightroom > Dropbox backup setup that works for them? I really want to set it up so that it just backs up automagically and I don't have to do anything manually except import photos.