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    Premiere Pro cc14 keeps crashing... Yes, for me too.

    Steph Killip

      Premiere Pro cc14 keeps crashing, freezing and I keep having to force quit it, start again, and then after another little while (5-10min) - it does it again and again and again and again... you get the drift.


      I am on a MacBook Pro retina.

      Specs are like those or better that those recommended for the software so I doubt it's a machine problem.

      But in a nutshell:

      SSD (500gb with over 50gb available)

      8gb Ram

      NVIDIA graphics card (one of the recommended ones for Mac for this software)  - Updated the CUDA driver and thought it was going to resolve the issue but it didn't (1gb)

      2.6ghz intel core i7 processor


      Working on Mark3 footage off a usb3 harddrive (which I always do and this never has been a problem ever before).


      This is unacceptable considering this is a service we pay, we are a professional boutique filmmaking business and we cannot work in those conditions.

      Thought it was the computer, turns out it's most likely your software! So please a fix that WORKS is needed.


      Thoughts? Advice?

      Thinking of going back to normal CC which was working just fine... but need to see this project through for now as you can't save the project for a previous version of PP (nice one!)