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    Robohelp 9 question on referring to javascripts


      Hello. I am working with Robohelp 9. I am working with a group in India that incorporates the Robohelp files that I have generated into their product's online help .They are telling me that they have to hand edit output files from the SSL! folder to add a location for the javascripts they are using (i.e. whver.js). The output for my topic files contain this reference: <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="whver.js"></script>. They want me to edit these this to add this to the path:  /...abcdirectory/ after src=".

      I have moved the files to abcdirectory, but the output files do not generate with this path. It is impractical to edit output files. Is there another way in Robohelp to indicate the location of the .js files so that the output files contain the correct path?


      Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.