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    Generic PDF Parser error


      Sent: 11/25/14


      Happy Thanksgiving!


      Is there a solution to this Photoshop error: "There was an error processing the document. The file may be damaged or corrupted."

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you open this PDF in Acrobat or any other PDF reader?



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            Avatar53 Level 1

            Hi, Gene. Thanks so much for your prompt reply.


            All these (& other) pdf's open fine with Adobe Reader. It's just when I try to open them in Photoshop 7 that I get the error. This used to happen only occasionally, starting earlier this year (no issues last year that I recall). Now PS7 returns that error with every pdf I try to open. I've read this tends to happen when the pdf is created in a newer program. I have no idea about this, but others on our staff have been able to open the same files with CS2, so I'm downloading the installation files for that now. (Used to use CS2, but went back to PS7 when I got a new machine as I have the DVD for that and wasn't aware of these issues with PS7. Will let you know if this works.)


            Thanks again!