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    How do I get the development module working?


      Hi, I just initially downloaded LR 5.6 with 1 userid and had to create another adobe id (different country) to order the monthly photographic subscription service which I did.  Under Edit\Preferences and tab Lightroom mobile my status says 'Subscribed'  but when I try to go into develop I get the error 'Develop Module is disabled. Please renew your membership to reactivate the Develop module.'  I logged out and in again and checked the 'More account Info online' button for my subscription and it looks good per below.....


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------

      My subscriptions and services

        Your Adobe ID is associated with the following online services:



      Product subscriptions



      Next bill date



      Commitment end date





         Creative Cloud Photography plan (one-year)  



      17 Dec, 2014



      16 Nov, 2015


      11 months until renewal  

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------


      Any ideas on how to resolve?  Thank you in advance.  John