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    Videos failing to save.

    Ninjo X Level 1

      My computer is low on memory but not out... I use the Premiere Pro Software to run a YouTube channel. this is the second day now that I've made a video and had my Premiere pro fail to save it to my computer in a usable format... I have been doing this for about 4 months and this is the first time I've had this problem, everything works fine up until I export the videos to my computer. I even got it to successfully save a smaller file earlier today after resetting my computer. I'll try that again real quick... and get back to this post on weather or not it works...

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          Ninjo X Level 1

          I have since reset my computer... the problem persists, if this continues than I may have to try changing editing software... I cannot work if it won't let me export my work to my computer... Please help.File failure SOS.pngthis is what the defective export looks like and in this state I can do nothing with it, keeping in mind that similar files have saved perfectly fine until my memory in my computer got mostly used up... this is the third video that has done this... I eventually managed to get the first to save through mere persistence, but the other two will not export properly, I have been trying for over 48 hours now, Please help!

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            RameezKhan Adobe Employee



            Sorry to hear about your experience.


            Unfortunately, you haven't given enough details. Please provide details about your computer configuration, any error messages while exporting (if you get any), exact version of Premiere?.


            I would appreciate if you will attach a screenshot of your export settings box.




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              Ninjo X Level 1

              My computer runs windows 7, I get no error messages of any kind, which is confounding to say the least, export settings for pro help....pngDuring all of this I think I may have found the problem! My Preset has been altered somehow, I always Preset in YouTube 1080p and it's set to Match Source - High Bitrate, (Maybe my cat walked across the keyboard?) I will try exporting my video one more time under my usual preset and get back to you on whether or not it functions this time.

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                Ninjo X Level 1

                That didn't seem to fix the problem and when I opened the Export menu again it was set on Match Source - High Bitrate AGAIN! I reset it to Youtube 1080p again and tried to save the preset. It gave me an error message that didn't make much sense... I'm now trying to export one last time after re-entering both the format and the Preset... will be back if it still doesn't work...

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                  Ninjo X Level 1

                  It still won't export my videos in a usable state... I am officially baffled. Please help!

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                    Ninjo X Level 1

                    I finally got the video to export by using Media encoder and deleting about 200 gigs of no longer currently relevant files! Thanks for the help though!