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    Selection Buttons are gone


      The issue I have run into is kind of hard to explain.
      I am also kind of new to this stuff.
      I have been taking photos for a few years now but never had a great camera until recently when I got the Canon 70D. CR2 are the preferred RAW files. Of course, most computers don't like those so I ran into DNG converter as a choice in getting the files I needed.
      I downloaded the application & it worked fine the 1st time I used it.
      I closed it out, restarted my PC for class, came back to the DNG conv. & now it won't work.
      I will click on the icon & unlike a normal program it doesn't pop up on the desktop. Instead, the icon will appear on the task bar & that's it.
      So I click the icon on the task bar & it does take me to the program however, all of the selection buttons are not there.
      They are either black boxes or transparent to whatever is under the program. (folder, etc. For ex. If there is no program running under, the desktop background is transparent in the program. Where the buttons should be, I can see my background.)
      I do not have the option to do anything except minimize & close. I can not pick what files I want, where to put them. Anything.
      I have deleted this program, reinstalled twice.
      I have no idea what to do.