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    Failure to Publish - "The operation timed out."

      FTP Publish protocol

      Every time I attempt to publish to my web site, it takes several attempts before it completes successfully. It gets a few files each time and them errs with a time-out error - "Publishing has been cancelled. The operation timed out."

      I can FTP from MS DOS or from within my FTPVoyager program without any problems. But it always fails within RoboHelp6. Some times, RoboHelp6 crashes after repeated attempts to complete a publish procedure.

      I have read in here about "thumbs.db" - I have no such file.

      I have also read about a template file or something, but admit I don't understand the proposed workaround - which never ended up being the problem in the thread.

      It seems that the RoboHelp6 FTP Publish process is very sensitive to timeouts etc. Is there some way to configure this so that it works better? I have talked with my ISP provider and my HOST provider - and of course - they swear there is nothing wrong on there ends. The fact that I can FTP the same files (using MS Dos or FTP program) from my computer to my same web site indicates that they speak the truth.

      What can be done?