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    Adobe DigitalEditions in Linux-Xubuntu14.04  on  wine


      I wish to install Adobe DigitalEditions in Linux-Xubuntu14.04  on wine.

      I have installed 'wine'  through  '$ sudo apt-get install wine' , i.e. from the regular packet sources, and it works well with other Windows Programs.

      Also, I have installed the ebook viewer 'DigitalEditions' in Windows7, have established my Adobe-ID, and insofar it works fine.

      DigitalEditions4.0 does not even start with xubuntu+wine.


      From other discussions I was told that DigitalEditions4.0 is not compatible with wine, but a former version DigitalEditions1.7.2 works fine with Linux+wine (???).

      Unfortunately, I did not yet find out where to download DigitalEditions1.7.2 ????


      Does anyone know a solution?

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          Mea Vota

          Well, I have the 1.7 version but it's of no help anymore since Adobe stopped it, it worked great but now it's not working anymore. If you open this version, lately it says: "there's a new version of ADE, would you like to download this now or later (if you click later, the program quits immediately, nothing to do about this).


          My current solution is to STOP BUYING DRM-med epub books (=.acsm) because you ONLY need Adobe Digital Editions for these files (for others you could use Calibre, which works great). If there are no unprotected books available for sale, then I buy them at Amazon. The Kindle application reader works fine under Linux (via Wine) and I use Epubor (not free, but it really works very nice and for me is worth the money) to get rid of the protection and to have it freely available in Calibre and to be able to put it nicely on my eraeder (Kobo Aura).


          I have to say that it annoys me ENORMOUSLY that Adobe doesn't come up with a good solution for Linux-users.


          To completely turn my back on epub .acsm files that needs to be opened with ADE first, is -at this moment- for me the best solution. (I tried Virtual Box this evening, but with no success yet, when I want to create a VM, it keeps coming with "This parameter must be a string or Unicode object" I'm a bit tired of trying things to get something to work so I didn't put much effort in this to solve it, yet. If somebody knows how this problem can be solved, I would like  to hear it.)

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            biesta Level 1

            I have 2 Systems on one computer:

            Windows7 with ADE1.7.2 + ADE4.0 + Calibre,  and:

            Linux xubuntu14.04 + wine 1.7.32 + ADE1.7.2 + Calibre.


            The ADE1.7.2  works fine on both systems. Indeed, when you try to download it from the official Adobe-website you get an ADE4.0 instead - which does not run on Linux+wine. But try this:


            ...it works fine, as said before.


            I agree fully with you: one should think about not bying DRM-ed books at all. As a matter of fact, we can download the ADE-Software and the Adobe-ID for free, but in spite of that Adobe gets our money for that garbage: directly from the librarians and book stores, and that fee is part of the price that we have to pay for the books that we are buying.


            Indeed, Adobe should deliver an adequate compensation for collecting our money, also for Linux users. Until now, they do not do that. Any comments...???

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              Mea Vota Level 1

              Hi Biesta,


              Thanks, you're right! This version does work! I checked and I see that I had version 1.7.1 and you sent 1.7.2 and apparently, this makes all the difference; it still works. I hope they (Adobe) will continue with this 1.7.2 version because 1.7.1 ALSO used to work fine, but this version was canceled, you now had to click "update now".


              Still I think it's a very bad thing that they don't tell at least that Linux users should use this version because I think there are a lot of people searching for a solution for their .acsm files on a  Linux system. So I will continue with my boycot and I will buy -whenever possible- something else than .acsm epub ebooks


              Oh, by the way, I read something not so nice about the ADE 4.0 version, you might be interested: Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 is Spying on Users Because of DRM