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    Color & Stabilization between Premiere & AE


      I have a feature film that's edited with many shots stabilized with the warp-stabilizer in Premiere.


      I'm now doing color correction with Colorista and Looks, but those two work better in AE (AE allows keyframing and masking, Premiere doesn't).  The frustrating thing is that every shot i import into AE starts all over with stabilization.  It takes forever if i have to let AE re-stabilize everything and most annoyingly, even with the same Warp-Stab settings, sometimes crop/framing ends up a little different.  That's especially frustrating as after finishing color correction, i'm back to premiere and realize that the shot framing has changed...


      Please someone suggest a workaround.  I spent all day and color corrected 2 minutes so far, this is taking ages!!!