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    TileList keyboard Interaction

      i`m developing an application for disabled children and their teachers. These children can`t use a mouse or an ordinary keyboard, they use one big button to trigger an event. So all the components of an application must be focused one-by-one. When the child presses his button something happens like turning a card, rolling a dice etc. I`ve started with a memory Game which uses a TilelistComp to present pairs of pictures to children, that have to be memorized. By clicking with a mouse on the card you can turn it. The same effect is needed when the automatically highlighted pictures are selected, but when i catch the Space-key all the cards are turned, instead of only the one, which is selected. I`m sure the solution is quite simple, but i don`t get it. The application is here (sourceCode can be seen by right-clicking on it) http://www.alpenhornblazer.de/WESPULUM/Gambler/Memory8.html
      Thanks, in advance