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    Collect footage breaks links to layers within PSD

    TheAnorak Level 1

      I have a project which was built by creating a series of layered Photoshop storyboard files for approval, then importing the PSDs as comps, making the text layers live text and then animating.


      With the project complete I'm now trying to collect all of the component parts so I can archive it but I'm having a problem with the collect files function. If I look in the collected folder, the required PSD files are in place, but within the collected project file all of the individual layers references are still linked to the original files -- so if I rename the original master folder and open the collected project, it complains of a large number of missing items.


      Is this a bug? Is there some part of the process I'm missing, or is this just how the collect footage function works with layered PSDs and I have to manually relink the layers each time?





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          TheAnorak Level 1

          Sorry -- I realise I didn't include some key info:


          OSX 10.10.1

          AE (2014.1.1 release)

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There have been some odd bugs with the collect feature in recent AE versions. One specific issue wouldn't even properly collect UNLESS the mouse didn't move at all during the process. (People would use the enter/return key to initiate the process and then only grab the mouse after it completed.) It's possible that your issue is related. It might not be. Try it without moving the mouse. I doubt that'd fix your issue, but it's worth a shot. Have you noticed issues like this with layered AI files or anything else?

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              Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

              Szalam, this is unlikely to be the same problem as the Mac OS event handler issue we are seeing with Collect Files, where not moving the mouse avoids an event collision. In that case the user should receive an error message that makes the problem very obvious. Doesn't sound to be the case here.


              TheAnorak, best thing at this point would be for you to post a project (before collecting) and at least one PSD file that we could try to repro the problem with. Screenshots of the Project panel of the before and after states, the Collect Files dialog, and the resulting collected files would also be useful.


              My suspicion is that you are encountering some unexpected condition that Collect Files doesn't account for, but we don't yet know the full condition of your project.