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    Combo box problem

      I am having some problem with some combo boxes, the are in a movieclip and the labels are added in manually, The only thing I have done with them so far in script is just changing the X and Y values, when you are in the main movie clip and click on the button that loads the clip with the combo boxes you see the default value in them for maybe 1 or 2 seconds and then they go blank. If you click on them and get the drop down all of the values are listed but when you select one the combo box still shows blank.

      It almost looks like the box is not active for some reason, anyone have any ideas?
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          Marghoob Suleman Level 1
          try to use this. it could be helpful.

          comboBox._lockroot = true;
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            Germ77 Level 1
            That didnt work, thanks though.

            I ended up just writing the code for what I wanted the combo boxes to do and it all works and even though you do not see anything selected in the combo box it is actually being selected and functions as it should, the labels just dont show up, when you drop it down all of the items are stil listed but selecting any of them displays nothing in the box itself except for when the clip first loads you see them for maybe 1 or 2 seconds then they disapear.

            Any other suggestions to try would help a lot.
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              Germ77 Level 1
              Anyone else have any ideas, I have been playing around trying to get them to display properly as well as searching other forums with no luck yet.
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                I've seen people post threads about this same problem several times on several different forums. There's got to be like 10 threads just on these Adobe Flash boards with this problem, but no one can seem to figure out or no one replies at all.

                I have the same problem, does anyone have any idea? ><

                My combobox works fine, but the selected index doesn't show up in the inactive state. If you click on the combobox, everything is listed in the dropdown just fine, and the coding works like it should. However, I also have a dynamic text field that is supposed to change depending on what is selected in the combobox, but that shows up blank as well.

                Everything works fine if I test it in a new blank flash file, so I know the coding is correct. It's just a horrible display issue that's crippling my project at this point.