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    Premiere CC 2014 not completing an export of h.264 or quicktime video


      Hi everyone,


      Did anyone experience this before? The export seem to stop indefinitely after 1 or 2% never at the same time and its happening when I export with the following export settings: 2014-11-26_0628 - Webamp's library on CC 2014.1 and the last version. I made sure to upgrade Premiere and Encoder to the latest version.


      The sequence is about 50 minutes long with multiple sequences and a few audio files.


      I'm running this on a 64bit Windows 7 machine. Never had a problem before on either Premiere version. Note that I had tried exporting to Media encoder but the same thing would happen it would just stop after a few percentage.


      I tried restarting my PC, no idea why this was happening.


      Also it was happening on other shorter video sequences (different projects) i was trying to render/export but it finally worked after a few tries, but i can't seem to get this one working yet.


      Any help would be appreciated!


      Thank you