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    Frame offsets when inserting to HDCAMSR

    Stormthor Level 1



      First off I want to say that my hardware rig is used to laying back to tape from Avid DS and Avid Symphony, so i'm confident in that.  We are trying new workflows involving Premiere.  I am on a PC z800 system with an AJA card.


      My problem is frame offsets while laying back to tape.  In assemble mode I need to delay my output by 2 frames for it to hit tape at the correct TC and with insert editing I need to delay by one frame to make it work to the correct timecode.  I used the 'delay movie start by x frame in the edit to tape window to verify these offsets.


      If I am laying everything back in one pass I'm ok - but once on tape and I want to drop in single shot changes i'm screwed.  I need the deck control TC to be in sync with the SDI video output for my laybacks to work otherwise I get repeating frames or skipped frames at my edit points.


      I have installed latest AJA drivers and i'm on the latest release of CC.2014.


      I might need to explain more...but does anyone have the same issue with a workaround??


      Many thanks,