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    No option to save to shared locations


      I am running Indesign 2014.1 on my Retina MacBook Pro running OS 10.10.1


      I noticed today when I was exporting a PDF that I could not save to a shared computer like I normally have done. It seems to only be an Indesign problem as everything works fine in Illustrator and Photoshop (all latest updates).


      Anyone notice this or is it just me? If it is just me, what can I do to show the shared spaces again in the side bar?


      This is the view from Indesign:

      [URL=http://s80.photobucket.com/user/wonderings/media/ScreenShot2014-11-26at84013AM_zps744b7dfd .png.html][IMG]http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j164/wonderings/ScreenShot2014-11-26at840 13AM_zps744b7dfd.png[/IMG][/URL]


      This is what I should see (save window from illustrator)

      [URL=http://s80.photobucket.com/user/wonderings/media/ScreenShot2014-11-26at84953AM_zps79d767ea .png.html][IMG]http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j164/wonderings/ScreenShot2014-11-26at849 53AM_zps79d767ea.png[/IMG][/URL]