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    Duplicate without linking?


      Hi, new to edge, every time i duplicate a symbol and change info inside (text sizes etc) it changes on the original as well.

      How can i create a duplicate that is not linked to original? i want to keep same animation inside that symbol just change text.


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          Xoco Level 3

          You must change properties of a different instances of symbol (or elements inside) only by code.


          Examples accessing to elements:

          sym.getSymbol("sym1").$("txtBox").html("Hello World");

          sym.getSymbol("sym2").$("txtBox").html("Bye World");


          Take a look to Adobe Edge Animate CC JavaScript API

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            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            1. if you want to duplicate a symbol that you have created, you need to duplicate it in the library symbol panel and not the elements panel.
            2. if you want to duplicate a symbol that is created dynamically, you will need to access these and this can be done differently. I personally use a system that I like but that others may not like. I give an id or a class to my symbols and then change what I want inside.
            3. You could also use json to load your data into your symbol.


            It all depends on what you are doing.