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    InDesign Server CS6 (MacOS) - JavaScripting & Troubleshooting "Bus error" or "Segmentation fault"


      I'm attempting to convert a workflow from InDesign CS5.5 Desktop with AppleScript to InDesign Server CS6 with JavaScript. It seems most of our templates work fine but every now and then I run into one that seems to work properly but right after we export to PDF and JPG which is the final step in the script I get either a Bus error or a Segmentation fault error. The files do export and the console sits idle for a few seconds then I get the crash. It doesn't seem to give me anything else and I can't find a crash dump or core file anywhere on disk to examine.


      The exact same input files on InDesign CS5.5 Desktop completing a very similar automation task via AppleScript work without an issue or error. I'm not certain if it's a problem with the way the InDesign files were put together, a version problem between a CS5.5 file and CS6, or something that I'm doing wrong in the script.


      Is there a way to get InDesign Server to go into debug or verbose mode so that it will show more than just two word errors on crash?  I've read a few people talking here about the debug version but every path I've found to get access to the debug version runs into a roadblock with a bad link.


      I would appreciate a point in the current right direction for how to debug these templates this script.