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    CF11 repointing webroot in standalone installation with internal web server


      I am testing my recent installation of CF11 as a side-by-side installatin with CF9.   I am currently just trying to get the web pages accessible so I can figure out what might not be functioning in these web pages and fix it.   I figured out that in order to change the default web root I need to change the server.xml file (located under runtime\conf\server.xml) and have it point to the new  directory.


      I currently have something like this::


      <Context path=”E/” docBase=”/website1_CF11”


      Aliases=”/CFIDE=D:/ColdFusion11/cfusion/wwwroot/CFIDE, /WEB-INF=D:/ColdFusion11/cfusion/wwwroot/WEB-INF”>



      I have 3 other websites under E:\ that I need to point to though. If I copy and paste the above code so that I have 4 different copies of it, with each referencing the 4 different website locations, then CF doesn't turn on, so I'm missing something here. What?


      I saw something about virtual directories, but as I understand it, the above is a virtual directory because it is using the alias . Tomcat has something similar to this in it's server.xml and it just has the same thing with the folder changed right after each other.  Maybe I didn't understand it fully.




      Thanks in advance!

      Jennifer C.

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          jkcrosby Level 1

          OK, I've figured out my issue with the code.  User error with all the / \ when I entered the aliases  AND I need the CFIDE and WEB-INF in the aliases as well or CF Administrator won't work.  Hope this helps others as well.  Now I have more questions, but I'll ask them separately.   Thanks! Jennifer