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    REDEPIC (.r3d) files won't import in Premiere Pro CS6

    BennettM Level 1

      I was recently called upon to edit a project that has already been shot by someone else (who is no longer in the picture for personal reasons).  They used a REDEPIC (S35 Mysterium-X I believe) to shoot the files and so now I have all of these (.r3d) files and I can't import them into Premiere Pro CS6.  I know that it's an issue with CS6, and I've read that CS6 doesn't support some REDEPIC files, but I was wondering if there was a workaround or an update that I could install that would allow me to work with the files.   I downloaded a trial of Premiere Pro CC (2014) and of course it works beautifully, but I got CS6 about 2 years ago (only months before CC came out... of course.) and I was hoping to be able to use it a little bit before having to upgrade.  

      I also tried opening the files up in REDCINE-X Pro, and them exporting them into Apple Pro Res 422 to import them, but then the audio is just static and I lose anything else.   

      So if you know either a way to import the .r3d files into Premiere Pro CS6 natively, or you know a better codec or way to export out of REDCINE-X Pro, I would really appreciate it.