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    Websocket: invokeAndPublish stopped working on server


      Looking for some assistance to resolve an issue with invokeAndPublish.


      System configuration:

      CF Enterprise 11,0,02,291725

      Windows Server 2012


      After getting invokeAndPublish to work well in a chat application, this capability stopped working after a server reboot. I suspect that there is a server configuration/default that is preventing this websocket operation from executing. Using the Google Chrome console, no Javascript errors are produced.


      I did initially suspect my code, so I went back and ran Raymond Camden's example which was already on my server. It also failed to publish messages via invokeAndPublish.


      You can access Raymond's example on my server at:

      http://dev.balboadigital.com/admin/invoketest2/index.cfm (publish())

      http://dev.balboadigital.com/admin/invoketest2/index2.cfm (invokeAndPublish())


      The example was originally copied from here.


      You'll see that the publish() function is working but that the invokeAndPublish() function does not publish and does not produce an error.


      Any idea what has happened? Any better way to diagnose? I'm stuck.


      Please let me know!