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    InDesign CC crashes when selecting text


      Hello folks!

      I have a serious issue here on my Windows 7 64bit notebook:

      InDesign CC (and also CS6 before) keep crashing when selecting text.


      I was still on CS6 when this failure appeared first. The strange thing is, it happens not always. When InDesign is opened new it will not crash instantly (most times). After some selecting random text a few times InDesign will crash with the well known "InDesign doesn't work anymore" message. There seems no pattern while selecting text (like special characters, certain fonts, whatever).

      Tried to use CC – no luck! still crashing.


      After some research in the forum I read, that this is very rare issue only occuring if there are more than 1 Windows accounts with both InDesign running. Indeed I made new account shortly before the first time this happened.

      But sadly even after I completely wiped the second account, all my InDesigns (CS5, CS6, CC), all prefs, and also all fonts (as recommend in a thread with people havong trouble with just the type-tool itself) and all registry thingies the problem remains. Why?

      Please help, it really kills the productivity.


      Thanks in advance for everything!