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    Lightroom is not importing all my RAW files....

    labbywho Level 1

      First of all, I do have the latest upgrade 5.7.   I've had this issue for about 6 months now, regardless of what version I have.


      When I go to import my RAW files, LR is either not importing any of them or only partially.


      For instance, it's read my CF card and shows that I have 26 files and creates the thumbnails.




      So I click to import and wait.




      In the first try it only imported 9 images. 


      I close out the program and try again.




      On the second try it doesn't import anything.


      So I close out the program and try again.




      This time I get lucky and it imports all 26 files.  When I say I got lucky, I mean it.  It once took 6 tries to get all the files imported.  This is the norm for me anymore and I haven't changed anything in my settings.


      I shouldn't have to try and import 3-6 times to get all my files in there.  It doesn't matter if I try to import directly from my camera, from a folder on my hard drive or a card reader.  


      It makes me want to never pick up my camera.  


      Can someone help me?  Thank you in advance.