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    Text not uploading to blurb

    Greg Grosz Level 1

      I laid out a book in LR4, which consists of all photographs except captions and one page of text.  All uploads fine to Blurb except that the text on the one page is cut off part way down the page.  I tried several uploads, including one in which I changed text above the area where the text cuts off, and one where I deleted the offending page and recreated it.  On 3 different uploads the text stops at exactly the same word a bit past the middle of the text.  I've contacted Blurb numerous times about this issue and they have no idea why the upload of the text is getting cut off at the same word on 3 different uploads and suggested I contact Adobe.  Is there an Adobe connection where I can talk or email directly to Adobe to get some tech support?




      Mac Pro, 10.6.8, LR4.