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    Mask overlay color

    Dale S

      Good morning:

      The mask overlay colors have gone from a strong luminance to a soft pastel.  The colors are so light I can hardly see them.  Please advise how I can get the strong colors back on the mask overlay.


      Dale Summerhays

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Sounds like your Flow or Density slider is close to zero.

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            Dale S Level 1

            Thanks di_page -

              It appears that my brush was somehow changed from "A" to "B".  You were right in that the flow slider was way down on the "B" option.  I really appreciate the information since I didn't have a clue what had happened. 

            Thanks again for your help -





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                  Mask overlay color

              created by dj_paige in Photoshop Lightroom - View the full discussion   Sounds like your Flow or Density slider is close to zero.


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