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    Export asynchron Premiere Pro




      my Problem:


      If i exports my sequence many clips are asynchron - in the preview everything is synchron


      Sequenz: Dslr Preset - 48000 HZ - Full HD 1920x1080 25fps - square pixel pixel - progressiv - H.264


      GPU = K5000 - edited wirh mercury engine gpu - Musikvideo edited - with Dynamik Link - with After effects compositionslink -

      but only small animations- no modi used - no Opticalflares -


      In Premiere CS6 everything is synchron - after Export - always the same clips are asynchron - the Rest synchron


      i tryed this:


      Changed Sound from 44.100 hz- changed in  compressor to 48.000 hz  but doesnt work

      Update Premiere cs6 Pro to  6.0.5 - after updating same Problem

      Mecury engine changed to cpu - new rendering - in premiere preview synchron - export asynchron

      new sequenz - all clips copied pasted only ae comps  not- effects turned off- exported - idoesnt worked in premiere synchron - after export - asynchron


      eportet with Media encoder - same problems


      container : quick time - h.264


      anyone got a new idea ?