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    Rollover Image

    Tricia0923 Level 1

      Has something changed in Captivate 8??!

      When I click on Rollover Image instead of letting me use what's on my screen it takes me out to my files to choose an image!

      This is not a good thing AT ALL!  I hope this is not going to stay this way.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          To my knowledge, the rollover images have always worked this way. When you choose to insert one, Captivate has always prompted you to choose the image you want to display when you roll over.


          If you are wanting to choose an image from your library, you need to have first inserted a rollover image, then duplicate the one you inserted, At that point, you are free to click the image part and browse the library for the image you want to use.


          Cheers... Rick