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    Audio mixer making Premiere freeze

    HawaiiHippie Level 1

      Premiere 8.1.0, OS 10.9.5, 2.8 GHz quad-core Power Mac, 8GB RAM.


      After having a separate issue with audio disappearing from a multi-camera sequence, I worked around by placing the original audio on the Timeline.  Since there were now more clips, using the Audio Mixer seemed a much easier way to ride levels and add equalization and compression.  But f I try to edit using the multi camera interface while the audio mixer is open, Premiere freezes quickly.  I can work for maybe 10 minutes before the spinning beach ball of death appears. 


      I may be jumping to conclusions in blaming the audio mixer, but it's the only thing that's new to my workflow since the original audio was abducted by aliens.  Whatever is going on, it has to be audio related, right?