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    cr2 without sidecar


      Hi Everyone,

      Is there a way to incorporate xmp data (ie keywords, gps etc) into raw files like Canon's CR2 files without creating an xmp sidecar? I know this is possible in other apps like photomechanic which I use at the start of the workflow, but once I import into LR I add more keywords and data but in order for them to be seen in other apps you have to "save" into sidecar files which are cumbersome and I'd rather not deal with extra files. Also, I don't want to convert these files to DNG files as other apps can't read those newly created DNG's!!!

      I've tried for hours to figure out a way to do this, it makes no sense that a small company like Photomechanic can easily achieve or do this while LR can't or won't!

      thanks all!



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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          There is no way to accomplish that in LR.   LR has an option to write the capture time into the raw file, but all other metadata gets written to a .xmp sidecar.   LR's general policy is to never modify raw files, treating them as read-only "negatives" (with the optional capture time as the only exception).