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    InDesign CC2014 help urgently required


      I Have InDesign CC 2014, running on a MacBook Pro late 2013 model.

      Up till now all has been fine, but recently ANY open document I have will change to having all the page items semi-locked. I can resize the frame, delete the frame, or its contents (so its NOT locked) but I cannot drag the page item.

      So far I have done the following.

      ReStarted ID. No Change, page items still "locked"

      Cleared my ID prefs (holing down Command/Opt/Cntl/Shift right after the app launches) and said OK to the prompt

      Turned off ALL 3rd party extensions

      All these points have not fixed it.


      If I restart my Mac, ID is temporarily fixed. I can drag items, but after a period of time of inactivity, maybe 15 mins or so, the behaviour continues.


      Please help, This is a production environment, and I cannot work this way.